Find out what you need to do at the end of your tenancy.

Before moving

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Generally, tenants need to give at least 28 days’ written notice to end a periodic tenancy. The process is different for a fixed-term tenancy. For more information see information about types of tenancy.

Arrange a time for a final property inspection.

Tenants should pay everything they need to, and cancel or transfer any services connected to the property (eg electricity, gas or internet).

Moving day

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Tenants should remove all of their belongings, but leave behind anything provided by the landlord, such as
furniture and appliances.

Tenants should leave the property clean and tidy and take away all their rubbish.

Keys should be returned to the landlord.

Together, conduct a final property inspection and complete the final inspection report.

Getting the bond refunded

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It’s useful for tenants to bring a bond refund form to the final
inspection in case the landlord forgets.

The bond refund form needs to be completed and signed by the landlord and all tenants. Don’t sign a blank form.

Send the bond refund form to Tenancy Services.


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