13 June 2018

Four seminars about renting rights and responsibilities and upcoming legislative changes were recently held in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland as part of this year’s Renting and You roadshow.

Attendees heard presentations about upcoming changes to rental property legislation, the work of the Compliance and Investigations team, insulation requirements, the bond and dispute resolution processes, and what to expect at the Tenancy Tribunal.

The most popular questions from attendees in Christchurch centred on insulation, subletting, meth testing, pets in rental properties, and Tenancy Tribunal decisions, whereas questions submitted in Wellington centred more on upcoming policy changes and insulation requirements. Auckland audiences were interested in hearing about subletting, meth testing, bond processing, insulation, with an added focus on tenant liability.

Read the top ten question topics across all four regions, answered by our experts.

The Renting and You roadshow is a Tenancy Services initiative, with representatives from the Tenancy Tribunal, regional property investor associations, and EECA Energywise joining as guest speakers.

In contrast with previous years’ events, this year’s roadshow consisted of a mix of presentations, followed by a panel Q&A session and a face-to-face information table session with speakers and other subject matter experts.

274 questions in total were submitted across the four regions. The most popular questions were then used to facilitate a live Q&A session with our speakers.

If you missed out on attending the roadshow, we are planning a webinar version of this event later this year – accessible from anywhere in New Zealand. The webinar will give viewers an opportunity to ask questions in real-time. More information and registration details will be released through our website and Facebook page(external link) shortly. You can also sign up to our newsletter Tenancy Matters for updates.

We’ll also be bringing the roadshow to other parts of the country in the second half of 2018.

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