6 September 2016

Standards New Zealand has started work on developing a New Zealand standard on the testing and remediation of properties used for the manufacture or use of methamphetamine.

The development of the standard is aimed at addressing a need for guidance on methodologies, procedures, and other supporting material that will ensure a consistent and effective approach to managing the testing and remediation of affected properties and treatment of their contents including:

  • guidance on testing properties and contents for contamination
  • methods of assessing risks to health, safety, and the environment from meth-related chemicals and contaminated material
  • best practice procedures for decontamination and remediation of properties and contents to acceptable levels
  • methods of disposal of materials that cannot be decontaminated
  • information that supports auditing processes, which provide assurance that testing, risk assessment, decontamination and remediation of properties, and disposal of contaminated materials have been effective, and comply with legislative requirements.

A first draft of the standard is planned to be released for public comment in November 2016. To stay up-to-date with how the standard is progressing you can subscribe to Standards New Zealand free web-based magazine, Touchstone(external link).

Properties affected by ‘P’ has more information about renting a property affected by methamphetamine.

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