13 December 2017

What you need to know if you have to contact us over the holiday period.

Taking your calls

wellington harbour and pohutukawa treeYou’ll have to save your questions about tenancy over Christmas, while our Service Centre is closed for a few days during the holiday period. Our phone line will be open the following hours over the Christmas and New Year period:

  • Friday 22 December 8am-5pm
  • Monday 25 December - CLOSED
  • Tuesday 26 December - CLOSED
  • Wednesday 27 December 8am-4:30pm
  • Thursday 28 December 8am-4:30pm
  • Friday 29 December 8am-4:30pm
  • Monday 1 January - CLOSED
  • Tuesday 2 January - CLOSED
  • Wednesday 3 January 8am-5:30pm

However, our website is available 24 hours a day.

Bond processing

If you are a landlord or tenant you can lodge bonds with Tenancy Services using the online bond payment system, but you need to bear in mind our Christmas processing hours. The last day this year for processing bond lodgements, transfers and refunds will be Friday 22 December. Refund requests should be submitted by Tuesday 19 December to be processed before we close down for Christmas.

A bond refund received on 22 December, however, taking into account the days staff will be on Christmas leave, will not be refunded until 5 January or have the lodgement processed until 16 January. This is because the bond team normally takes three working days from receiving a bond refund request to refund the bond, and 10 working days from receiving a bond lodgement to action it.

We will be starting up again on Wednesday 3 January 2018. Once lodged the bond is held by Tenancy Services and can be used to cover unpaid rent, damage to the property or any claim relating to the tenancy. You can read all about bond lodgements, transfers and refunds.

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