27 October 2017

There is new information on our website about how long it takes for a Tenancy Tribunal hearing to happen.

We heard from some people that they would like to know this, so we have added a new page in the Disputes section of our website, called How long it takes for a Tenancy Tribunal hearing.

This outlines the most common timeframe – around 20 working days from application to hearing – and various factors that could affect the timing. This is relatively quick, compared with many other court processes.

Tenancy Tribunal hearings are held in a number of courts around the country. The number of hearing days varies from one court to another and is determined by the number of applications expected in each location. We review these frequently and make adjustments to take into account any increases or decreases of applications in each area.

We have also amended two pages under Mediation, to clarify that the mediation process usually takes around eight working days to get under way. See Benefits of mediation and Scheduling mediation for more information.

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