Landlords must provide and maintain rental properties in a reasonable state of repair. This means making sure they’re safe and healthy to live in.

Landlords must follow all relevant legislation

Landlords must meet all legal building, health, and safety requirements. This means keeping the plumbing, electrical wiring and structure of the house safe and in working order. This includes making sure that locks and fastenings work too.

Your legal obligations

WorkSafe has more information on the health and safety obligations for landlords.(external link)

Landlords and tenants are both responsible for keeping the property in good condition.

Tenants must get consent before making changes to the property.

Landlords must manage any asbestos-related risks when work is being done at their property.

Tenants and landlords are responsible for different tasks in the grounds of a property.

Find out who is responsible for installing and maintaining digital television, phone and internet services.

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