24 June 2020

You may notice some changes next time you lodge a bond.

We have made some changes to our online bond payment form. These changes aim to make it easier for you to lodge bonds online:

  • You can now attach an additional file to the online form. If you have more than two tenants, this means you can attach the bond lodgement form, and the additional tenants bond lodgement form.
  • The new address finder makes it easier to enter the rental property’s address accurately.
  • If you’re lodging a bond on behalf of the landlord and tenant, you can now record your details as the person making the payment.
  • The tenant email address field is no longer mandatory. We do recommend including this if it’s known.

Using the correct bond lodgement form

When lodging your bond, it’s important that you are using the most up to date bond lodgement form. This form is freely available to download from our website and collects all the information we need to lodge your bond. Using older versions of the form can delay the process, so please remove any older versions of the form from your records.

If there are more than two tenants, you will also need to complete the additional tenants lodgement form.

Bond lodgement form [PDF, 1 MB]

Additional tenants lodgement form [PDF, 1 MB]

If you lodge bonds by cheque

Kiwibank no longer process cheques. If you are a Kiwibank customer, you can lodge your bonds online. Only one bond at a time can be lodged using the online process. We are currently investigating alternative payment methods for affected customers.

Lodge your bond online

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